About Us


Founded in 2013, Pennsylvania Ambulance provides Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, and Wheelchair Van services. We are a locally owned and operated company and as of today we operate 20 ambulances, 3 quick response vehicles, 4 wheelchair vans and an ATV for off road rescue.   Pennsylvania Ambulance provides 911 ambulance services to all of Lackawanna County and is contracted as the primary EMS provider for the Boroughs of Moosic, Dunmore and Taylor.  We also provide ambulance and wheelchair van transports for local nursing facilities.


Pennsylvania Ambulance employs management with various and extensive levels of expertise in all forms of emergency services. Our senior leadership team boasts over 80 combined years in the emergency services industry, ranging from our staple business—ambulance operations—to para transit services, finance, billing, risk management and dispatch operations. Pennsylvania Ambulance provides a highly qualified leadership team driven to see high clinical outcomes. PA’s key to success is experience and stability with a leadership team working together for many years with the same common goal in mind,  to provide the area’s best emergent and non-emergent medical service transportation.


"To be the premier ambulance provider in our community delivering superior pre-hospital emergent and non-emergent patient care through excellence in training, the latest equipment, and advanced technology in conjunction  with strong local leadership, professionalism and continued quality improvement."